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Sleeves Up For Breast Cancer

By October 3, 2017No Comments

Let’s help the American Red Cross! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Everything is turning pink. We’re here to tell you that #MenHaveBreastsToo. All you guys out there be sure to check yourselves and know that men can get breast cancer as well. That’s why MBCC and #SleevesUpForBreastCancer from the American Red Cross have teamed together to raise awareness on how important platelets are for cancer patients.

Please watch this informative video to learn about why donating platelets is so important. I would like to challenge all my MBCC brothers to ask ten of your friends to donate platelets to others. Then Hit the red  “pledge” button to make your blood platelet donation appointment.

Visit to start your own virtual blood drive campaign for platelets just like I have today. Thank You, Bret.

Remember: #SleevesUpForBreastCancer #MenHaveBreastsToo

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