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Ciitizen 100 Strong

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Watch our Exciting Story  from CBS NEWS – July 24, 2021


Announcing the 100 Strong Campaign in partnership with Ciitizen!

Help us become 100 Strong before the end of  August and fuel male breast cancer research!! We’re working with Ciitizen to make it easy for your to control all of your medical records, for FREE. Signing up takes about 10 minutes then Ciitizen does all the hard work of requesting your medical records for you. With your Ciitizen Profile, you’ll then have the choice of sharing your records with whoever you choose – including Dr. Benny and Dr. Lopa. They are two leading researchers studying Male Breast Cancer! Help them better understand the science of male breast cancer and develop therapy options. With your help we will become #100Strong and #TogetherWeWillChangeTheWORLD.  Why?   Because #MenHaveBreastsToo !
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