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Cherie Mathews ​Founder & CEO of​ ​HealinComfort

By November 30, 2021No Comments

We are so Proud to announce the addition to ​o​ur Medical Advisory Board​,​ ​Introducing  ​Cherie Mathews ​F​ounder and CEO of​ ​HealinComfort  and The  Recovery Shirt​​

Cherie has been working with us for over 5 years and has been so ​instrumental in making ​our MBCC Brothers​ Heal in Comfort ​and dignity ​after mastectomy surgery and during chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Cherie has help over 75​,​000 breast cancer patient’s male and female recover in her Award-winning patented solutions!  #MaleBreastCancerHappens   #DidYouKnowMenGetBreastCancerToo?

Thank you, Cherie, for all your advice and knowledge as a Breast Cancer Survivor

You are a wealth of information, ​ Welcome aboard!

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