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March 29, 2014


Therma-Scan is the world’s premier source for the analysis and reporting of medical thermology and provides a regional diagnostic clinical imaging facility in Southeast Michigan.  We are the experts in medical thermology. Therma-Scan…
March 15, 2014

BBC News Magazine Story

Photographer David Jay talks about the Scar Project came about, and in this report  some of the pictures MBCC uses here are featured, David is doing tremendous work.  MBCC is very proud…
February 26, 2014

Breast Cancer Answers

With a dedication to excellence, Breast Cancer Answers works with some of the leading breast cancer organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, Komen, Dr. Susan Love Foundation Act with Love,American Society of…
February 26, 2014

One For The Boys

The One For The Boys campaign is an exclusive Male Cancer Awareness platform and fundraising campaign. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness for Male Cancers and support the initiatives…