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5 Ways to Fundraise for MBCH

By June 27, 2018October 14th, 2022No Comments

5 Ways to Fundraise for MBCH

National Men’s Health Month is this June! We encourage you to celebrate by hosting a fundraising event to benefit MBCC. Need a bit of inspiration? We’ve listed five unique ways to fundraise below.

  1. Community Garage Sale

Chances are, you’ve already completed your spring cleaning and are unsure what to do with all your unwanted belongings. Your unwanted junk could easily become much needed financial assistance for MBCC! Rally your neighborhood to participate! Select an upcoming weekend to host the garage sale and combine the sales to donate. Keep in mind, devoted yard sale scavengers start as early as 7 a.m., so make sure you are ready to start selling!

  1. Workout Class Fundraiser

Research a local workout spot and ask a popular instructor to hold a special class to benefit MBCC. Some fan favorite workout classes include: Zumba, Pilates, kickboxing, or even aerial yoga! Charge a one-time fee for this event and encourage friends and family to exercise for a great cause!

  1. Karaoke Contest

Find a venue fully-equipped to hold your competition, or rent a PA system. If you’re DIY-ing this event, find a great YouTube channel that has a full list of karaoke tracks. Recruit a few local celebrities to participate in or judge your contest! Charge a fixed fee, or let your participants set the price. An online registration platform for nonprofits allows your attendees to select their own ticket price. Often times, people will pay more than the suggested price when it’s for a good cause.

  1. Golf Tournament

With warmer weather ahead, many people are ready to get outside and get active! Ask a local golf course to host this event on one of their less popular days. Athletic events are a great way to boost a little friendly competition for donations!

  1. Pancake Breakfast

Who wouldn’t want to support MBCC when there’s food involved? A breakfast fundraiser is an excellent way to bring people together to support a great cause. Make sure that you have options available for everyone– vegans, dairy-free, and foodies alike! Find a homemade pancake recipe online that will be easy to make in a large quantity.

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