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Bret Miller 1T Foundation and Male Breast Cancer Happens
501c3 not-for-profit organizations, are educating the world about breast cancer in men.

We need your help please.

When it comes to the world of breast cancer, men must navigate obstacles within a predominantly female group. From mammograms to treatment and beyond, men face challenges with their breast cancer diagnoses unlike they do with other diseases. Until we educate everyone, including the medical community about the need for more testing and clinical trials for men, we must continue the conversations relating to breast cancer in men.

Our MBCC founder Bret Miller was a typical, athletic, healthy guy who had a lump in his right breast at the age of 17. Doctors routinely told him it was calcium and he was “becoming a man.” Finally, after seven years, a doctor decided it was time to find out what the mass was. The diagnosis was shocking. Imagine a 24-year-old guy being told he has breast cancer. Imagine having to face a diagnosis normally reserved for women. Imagine being the only male in the doctor’s waiting room, not as a plus one for someone else, but waiting for HIS name to be called. Imagine having to tell your buddies you have breast cancer and will be having a mastectomy. Bret didn’t have to imagine. This was his life.

Too many people don’t even know men can get breast cancer. We are working every single day to raise awareness on our website, social media platforms and everywhere we can.

MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO is an ongoing series about breast cancer in men. Produced by Male Breast Cancer Happens, the MEN HAVE BREASTS TOO series includes short documentaries with men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, the latest news and information about male breast cancer from medical experts, stories from family members of survivors and men lost to the disease, the impact genetic mutations have on men and their families and much more.


Support What You Can

Bret promised his surgeon no man would ever feel alone again when he hears the words, “You have breast cancer.” Please help us keep Bret’s promise. Honor the men in your life with a tax-deductible donation here. Your financial contribution helps us continue our mission to make sure everyone knows “Men Have Breasts Too!”

We thank you for your generosity and support.

Please mail your donation payable to BM1T/MBCH

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