Robert ‘Bob’ Alexander
May 2019

 My wife and I discovered my left nipple inverted and a lump beside my nipple on 9 March 2019. She is a 14-year survivor of breast cancer also on her left breast.            After an appointment with Dr. Scott Bowlin, our family M.D, I went to CenterPoint Hospital for a mammogram and a sonogram of my left breast.

Five days later I had a biopsy of the breast, and a few days later I was told I had breast cancer. On 17 April my wife and I met with the cancer surgeon Dr. Lauren and two days later I was admitted to K.U. Hospital.

04/19/2019 admitted for more tests on psoriasis of the liver, drain excess fluid from diaphragm behind right lung and check my Hepatitis “C”.

I am schedule for Lumpectomy on June 5th, 2019 will keep everyone updated!

I am excited to have all my MBCH Brothers and family for support!  #TSBTMBCH