By Raymond Johnson
February 2014

I am a two year breast cancer survivor, but it was not easy. First of all being a male and thinking about breast cancer is not in our mind, we love breast but not our breast.

Well my tumor was half the size of a baseball, I didn’t have any leakage from my nipple. I had swelling (but didn’t pay any attention) and the way I found out it was cancer, is because of pain.

I did five months of chemo treatment. The first two months were the worst, the first part of my treatment was with the red devil (adriamycin ). It made you feel really bad the week of treatment, than the week right after your back to yourself than your starting over. The drugs I was given were cytoxan, adriamycin, tamoxifen and 16 weeks of radiation.

Now I’m 2 years cancer free. My words to you is to stay positive,laughing, and humbled. That’s the way you will beat any kind of cancer. I went bye three words while having treatment and that FAITH,HEART, AND HUMOR. God bless and go in head first with whatever you have in your path.