George Moros
March 2020

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. After a couple of holes of golf with friends I noticed my right breast was irritable, and by the end of the game I couldn’t stand my shirt touching it. On the Monday, I went to my GP who didn’t hesitate sending me for a scan, and a biopsy. Two weeks later I was in hospital having a mastectomy and all my lymph nodes removed.

When I first heard I had breast cancer it came as quite a shock. Like most guys, I was unaware men could get this disease. Fortunately, I was diagnosed in the early stages and didn’t require chemotherapy or radiation.

Nine months later, after a routine scan, they picked up a mass forming on the other breast, so I was back into hospital where I had the other breast removed.

I have been cancer free for last 12 years. Peter Bennett, myself, and a retired doctor attend men’s clubs and other places to spread the message that men can get breast cancer too. If we save one life it will be worthwhile.